Get notified when new Instagram ads launch

Staying on top of competitor's new Instagram (and Facebook) ads is time consuming, we help deliver each new ad right to your inbox.

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    How Tipster Works

    Step 1: Pick the brand you want us to monitor

    Share your email address and fill out a form containing details about the brand you’re interested in keeping and eye on.

    Step 2: Tipster runs some fancy automation daily

    Sit back. With the proper information we can identify which ads are new each day, saving down all the videos and images to the cloud.

    Step 3: We send an email with any new ad creative

    Receive an email to help you stay on top of any new creative testing and get an endless supply of inspiration for your next great ad!

    What Makes Tipster Powerful?

    Creative fatigue is real which is why you need to constantly test new ads. Rather than starting from scratch, you can stand on the shoulder of giants. But keeping up with every new ad is time consuming, which is why we help deliver links right to your inbox.

    Email Notifications

    Don’t waste your time going to the ad library on the reg. Sit back and we will send tips your way.

    Peak Performance

    Identifying competitor ads will provide a supply of tested concepts that reduce the failure rate and wasted budget.

    Endless Inspiration

    What’s better than one creative team? Two creative teams!

    Join the Beta

    This tool is super secretive and still in testing. If you would like to apply to join the super secret group of people who get to use Tipster, please share your email and we will reach out via the interwebs. This is a great opportunity to influence the product and to make sure it fits your needs.

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    You're Almost There!

    We've added your email to our Mailchimp list. We promise to never spam you, scout's honor. The last step is filling out the form below with the brand you'd like us to monitor. We also threw in a few other harmless q's.